SM Artist of the Week: George Hrab

This is the first installment of Skeptical Music’s artist of the week which will showcase famous and not-so-famous skeptical artists alike.

I had to pick George Hrab for my first artist of the week, he’s like the Skeptic’s Elvis – he’s all over the place. His songs are witty, smart, well written, and have great production. A famous guitar player once lamented about Jimmy Paige, “he’s written all the riffs there are to write, there are none left”. As a Skeptical songwriter myself I feel the same about George Hrab: every time I come with an idea about a song George has already covered that ground and most certainly has done it better than I could have. That, and of course he dresses so fancy!

This first selection “God is not Great” has all the elements of a great song: an intro that draws you in, insightful lyrics, hooky chorus, a good beat, and a bridge that puts a twist on the song and/or ties in the theme. There can be more and/or less elements that make up a great song I’m sure, but this particular song has all those great qualities.

The video is really well done also, the timing against what the song is saying is impeccable. I especially like how the video is lambasting all the major religions and their harm, but then there are three serene golden Buddhas and you almost get the idea that Buddhism might get a pass. But wait, no, they are depicted as completely ignoring the suffering of the world, which in and of itself can be subtly devastating.

So please enjoy the first offering from our artist of the week, George Hrab with “God is not Great”:


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