George Hrab, Please Become a Sell-Out!

In the next installment celebrating our artist of the week, George Hrab, is the song “Far”. One of the reasons (out of many) I picked George as the first “Artist of the Week” is that he embodies what I envision for Skeptical Music: that some day science, freethought, skepticism and critical thinking are no longer relegated to some underground niche, and are solidly placed among the culture at large. I think this can only happen with the type of quality that George brings to the table.

Wouldn’t it be great if songs like George’s could mix it up with the Top 40 artists? Certainly, I would love it if skeptical music became as popular as its religious counterpart. I mean, do you know how many albums Christian artists sell a year? I don’t either, but it’s a boat load. I really, big boat too, one the size of Noah’s even.

Perhaps you disagree, there certainly is something romantic about sub-culture and niches. Believe me as a “rapidly approaching middle-age white guy”, I don’t necessarily want to give up my one single minority status of going against the cultural grain as it pertains to science and religion. It’s like that band that you love, that you saw that one night in the club and you were only one of twenty people in the audience. Then you saw them the next month and it was awesome because they packed the place.

But somewhere between that and their first record they somehow became not quite as good and they “sold out” or “they were better when they were playing clubs”. When drunk sorority sisters and frat brothers leech onto your underground band, suddenly there’s some appeal lost. I get it, believe me I do. But there will always be a way to be on the cutting edge in the underground if that’s your thing. I would love to have the luxury of being able to abandon George Hrab as a fan because “he’s just too darn commercial now”.

But these are not things we need to worry about yet. Right now, let’s knock down the walls and promote the wonderful world of science, skepticism and critical thinking. Science needs music too, so here is George Hrab with “Far” (Is that Phil Plait I hear on the shout chorus?)


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