Marriage: A Social Institution (For Some)


Here’s the press release from CFI about a stunning loss for atheists and their rights in how they get married. Not only is this case right in my backyard, but it is exactly the kind of reason why I decided to “get involved” in the atheist/skeptical community: we need social and political presence in this country.

I won’t give a summary of the case at hand in my blog, you can read much better summaries and analysis from the press release above or from someone like Reba Boyd (the director of CFI – Indianapolis). I just like to step in a and set down markers when freedoms are abridged to make the case for organization and community.

I was talking with Reba  last month when I attended a talk at CFI Indiana. The topic of the conversation was how to attach a value to gatherings that CFI always promotes and establishing a community around certain ideals. Again, the herding cats problem. This latest court case loss is an exact example of why organizations need to exist: because without national organizations like CFI and FFRF, there would be absolutely no way to fight these battles. Individuals simply cannot do it. Only numbers and resource can do it. A multi-pronged approach is necessary to battle this kind of idiocy. In addition to blogging, facebooking, and website organization, organizations like CFI and FFRF are in there going toe to toe with organizations that are much more well funded by orders of magnitude.

You might think conferences, gatherings, lectures, organizations are too costly, but please try and remember that every time our freedoms are abridged by the theistic politicians and judiciary. Those costs are far greater than the pittance the organizations that are fighting the good fight are asking for in donations or attendance costs. Don’t have the cash? Yeah, I hear ya, there’s never enough to go around. Human resource is more valuable than gold. Power to the people!


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