Belief in Belief Part II: Jesus is an Accessory

I think I found something that both an atheist and a fundamentalist Christian can agree on (not that I was looking). That is: wishy-washy, a la carte, hippie-dippie, half-assed Christians throwing around Jesus all the time but not really practically following the tenets of Christianity… well, they’re just annoying. Give me a gool ol’ fashioned Bible literalist any day of the week. At least they’ve usually read the Bible and know what that abomination says. I believe that if the a la carte Christians were actually forced to live by what the Bible says, then we’d very instantly have a whole lot less people calling themselves Christians running around. I say as atheists, we quit playing the “moving target game” that is Christianity. They have plenty to duke it out amongst themselves what they actually believe. None of them can make sense of the Bible and they all believe different things about it. They don’t need us telling them it’s wrong (although that can be fun), let them fight it out and sort it out among themselves. Atheists should start using a divide and conquer method.

So since this blog is somewhat of a popular culture blog, I’m going to call out some popular believers to take a stand for Christianity or not. I suppose they need to dump or get off the proverbial Christian pot. So here goes, since I’m sure the following people read my blog, I’m going to ask for clarification about their beliefs:


Katy Perry

Katy Perry: She kissed a girl… and she liked it! But she has a very unfortunate Jesus tattoo on her left wrist. So Katy Perry, which is it? Are you down with Leviticus and think same-sex folk are an abomination to be killed, because Jesus was (you know the whole jot or tittle thing). Katy Perry: shit or get off the Christian pot.


Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly: Has demoted Jesus to simply a philosopher instead of, you know…. God! I’m guessing there are a lot of Christians out there that would take umbrage with that. Like this one here. Pretty sure Aristotle never turned water into wine and I’m almost positive I’ve never heard anywhere that David Hume walked on water. So, Bill O’Reilly, which is it? Did Jesus come to wipe away the sins of mankind, or is he simply another guy sharing some opinions? Bill O’Reilly: shit or get off the Christian pot.



Ke$ha: She’s got “Jesus on her necklace” and she wears cross earrings. Hey! Don’t wear the blingy Christian icons if you are not going to walk the path of righteousness!!! Sayeth the lord. Ke$ha: shit or get off the Christian pot.


Lady Gaga

Not since Madonna has an artist used such religious symbolism in their music and performance. Lady Gaga seems to pretty much come out against organized religion, but where does she stand against non-organized religion? Is she a believer in belief? Lady Gaga: shit or get off the Christian pot.

I’ve often thought that there isn’t any criticism of Christianity that comes from atheists that doesn’t also come from within the belief itself. I think it has more teeth coming from believers and I think we should separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. I don’t care to argue with Christians, they don’t even cross the threshold of reasonable discourse for me (although it can be fun sometimes I suppose). I would rather turn Christians on themselves. They have a lot to sort out before any kind of meaningful dialogue can be had with me or other atheists.


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