I Miss Hitch

The anniversary of his death has recently passed and I’m reminded daily that his voice is needed more than ever. Fearless yet eloquent, I’m sure if he were here he would take pleasure in eviscerating lazy thinkers on the subject of ISIS and North Korea. I want to witness the verbal assault he would inflict on authoritarian regimes and those that would defend or apologize for their disgusting anti-humanitarian, anti-freedom world views. I know humanists, atheists, secularists, et. al. are not big on “leaders” nor “heroes” nor “representatives”, but he was all those things, not by fiat or by design, but by virtue.

I miss his writings and his repartee on television. He was a visible, accessible representative of many of the thoughts in my head, and while there are still those on my “side” who manage to make it on TV and press now and again, he was a rare intellectual public fixture and put the “vocal” in “vocal minority”.

Luckily he was prolific and admirably worked until his dying breath, and I often go to sleep to my “Hitch-a-by”: my nightly reading of his brilliant writings and sometimes the soothing lullaby of a YouTube Hitchslap of what is always an unworthy debate opponent.

Here’s a particularly noble performance of Hitch smacking down the Catholic Church:



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