Atheist to Christian: Read Your Bible

The Good Book

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I’m in a mood to reach across the aisle today. Always in search for common ground with my Christian counterparts, I’ve decided to give an ecumenical public service announcement: Christians… read your bible! Read it all. Cover to cover. Take it in. Engage with the text and really solidify your Christian bona fides and show your Lord and Savior that you mean business. I believe this is a message that will easily be endorsed by clergymen and laymen alike — of all Christian stripes: from the most fundamentalist fire-breathing pastor, to the most liberal wishy-washy believer out there. Simply read the Bible.

I’ve always been so curious as to what % of “Christians” who are out there professing “Christianity” have actually read the thing — the whole thing. I would wager a lot of money — and souls — that it is a miniscule minority. So many vociferous Christians, so little Christian education.

I have personally read the good book cover to cover twice — once as a Christian, and once as an atheist. I believe so much in the value of everyone knowing what is in this very culturally significant book that I think I’m going to make a new policy for myself: Christian arguments will not be recognized by me from anyone who has not slogged through the whole mess that is the Christian bible. Look, Christians, I’m not trying to be harsh here, it’s for your own good. You really need to read the thing. Your pastor/priest and fellow Christians will most certainly agree with me.

So, read the Christian bible, read the whole thing, engage with it, and let me know what you think. I’ll make a friendly wager — just to make it interesting — that at the end of it, you’ll be less Christian and more Atheist. This is a bet worthy of Pascal: if you read the bible and remain Christian, you’ve only educated yourself and brought yourself more into the faith that you so cherish; but if you read it and recognize it for the jumbled, incoherent, fairy tale that it actually is, you can then start leading a wonderful, productive life bathed in the warm comfort of reality. What’s there to lose?

This has been your public service announcement from Skeptical Music. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Challenge Accepted.

    I’ve read it cover to cover in certain orders a few times. But I’m that rare bird who got more religious as they got more educated because I am primarily a Systematic (Philosophy) Theologian.

    I do agree people should read it before ascribing to it, as that was the whole point of the reformation.

    • Excellent! We obviously went different directions with it, but that’s okay. I’m curious about your thoughts as to what % of those who profess Christianity have actually done their homework like you? Totally informal, and I’m not looking for an accurate number, I’m just curious about perceptions of this issue both in and out of the “flock”. What would your guess be?

      • Honestly, 30% most being third world. The Catholics only still exist as a testament to the laziness of mankind, and to wax a bit philosophical “there is no greater way for the devil to defeat good than to make it so widely available in the world that no one realizes its novelty.”

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