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What a great, great article. It’s a wonderful account of what one person gained by shedding religion. I saw so much of my own experiences and thoughts in this article that I thought I’d share it. She is slightly kinder than I am about the evolution of religion, and harsher on her take of what Dawkins and Harris are saying about religion, but I think that is the only part of the article that even remotely parts ways with my own thought.

Also, poke around the site Ordinary Philosophy for a bit. What a wonderful site it is! Here’s what it’s all about:

Why Ordinary Philosophy?


‘Ordinary’ in ‘Ordinary Philosophy’ means: philosophy is not, as it’s often conceived, strictly an arcane subject, pursued only behind the walls of academia and by Phd’s.
It’s about seeking answers to the ‘big questions’ we ask ourselves all the time, which is where the ‘Philosophy’ comes in: ‘What is a meaningful life, and how can I make mine so?’ ‘What’s the right thing to do?’ ‘What’s the truth of the matter, what does truth mean anyway, and how do I know when I know it?’ ‘What do I have the right to do, and what does it mean to have rights?’ ‘How did reality come to be as it is?’, and so on.
In other words, philosophy is an ordinary activity: it’s something we do all the time. It’s done by ordinary people, meaning it’s done by people of all education levels, backgrounds, and professions. It’s applicable to ordinary life, meaning it’s about solving problems that every person encounters in the quest to pursue a good, happy, and meaningful one.


About Amy

Amy Cools has been wondering about how the universe works, and asking questions about it, since she used to pester her dad with relentless ‘why’s, who’s, and how’s?’ as a little girl. An avid reader and introvert, Amy nevertheless loves to engage with people and share her enthusiasm for inquiry and exploration into the ‘big questions’ as well as matters of day-to-day life and personal experience. Amy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, with an emphasis on Applied Ethics and Law, from Sacramento State University, California. She’s an avid hiker and quilter, loves traveling, mystery stories, and music, and thinks coffee, ale, chocolate, cheese, and a British breakfast are among the most delightful things the world has to offer.

At its best, this is what I strive for on my blog, but it appears that Amy Cools has already done it, and done it better!


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