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My name is Eric Brown and I am a skeptic/freethinker/atheist. I also happen to be a professional musician and producer. My goal with Skeptical Music is to make itself obsolete. Wait, what? Yeah, that’s right, I want there to come a day when there does not need to be a term such as “Skeptical Music”, because skeptical ideas have become so mainstream, that our own subculture of freethinking, critical thinking, skepticism and/or atheism have just become subsumed into everyday culture.

But I don’t think we’re nearly there yet. I love the fact that there are so many scientists, IT folk, PhD’ers, and overall brilliant people in the skeptical *community. But I believe we need to eventually reflect the crossiest of cross sections of human culture. Skeptical Music will be my contribution. Its purpose is to help fill in the gaps of the skeptical spectrum and to deepen and broaden the Skeptic’s place in the culture at large, thus destroying the need for Skeptical Music altogether.

So here’s to skeptical kamikaze, here’s to skeptical self-immolation, and here’s to Skeptical Music one day becoming obsolete in a new culture that includes our skeptical voices.

I have a voice – as do we all – and the skeptical community will flourish when every type of individual participates in critical thinking and both draws from and gives to the community at large. **E pluribus unum and vice versa.

– Eric


*See FAQ for more information on terminology.

**No one else seems to be using the slogan, I might as well! I’ll stop when they they take god off my money.

  1. Congratulations Eric – As you know many famous non-religious composers wrote inspirational religious music, (for money). They had to or starve. Lists of them are available on the net, check out FFRF. The seeming incongruity of an atheist composer creating inspirational music for holy mass is worth writing about. I hope you explore this fascinating but common occurrence.

  2. Thanks for the info Craig. Yeah, that’s exactly the type of thing I will be writing about on the blog. I’ve personally had to perform in many religious shows over the years for my job. Your comment reminded about the last one – we had three atheists and an agnostic Jew on the stage. We got a pretty good laugh out of that one.

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